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Ash Wednesday Service at Grace Presbyterian

As Jefferson United Methodist Church continues to stabilize and rebuild from the ashes; our worship services do not yet have the capacity to host our full schedule, which would include Ash Wednesday and Good Friday during the lenten season. As a United Methodist Church, we look to our ecumenical practices and collaborate with other churches….


Jefferson Youth Leading in Connectional Ministry

‘As You Are’ Youth Ministries (AYA Youth) is adding “Connectional” to their definition of ministry. In December, AYA youth helped with the Angel Party at Travis Park United Methodist Church (UMC)…where over 75 children and their families enjoyed food, crafts, a shopping market for the kids to select and wrap a gift for their parents,…


Human Relations Day & 29 Breathtaking Photos

Human Relations Day on January 18th, 2015 This Sunday, January 18th, is Human Relations Day that United Methodist Celebrate Turn on the news or drive around the outskirts of your town and you will find what Jesus called “the least of these.” Those living in the margins of society, struggling to survive. People like: An…

Fortune Cookie with  Fortune

A New Years Resolution You Can Make Daily

Start the New Year knowing that God will illuminate the path to healing, hope, and salvation. Go beyond making a Resolution to be more spiritual or committed to God and make faithful intentions. New Year’s Resolutions are usually a pass/fail test for many and with the majority focusing on failing their resolution. But that is…

JUMC Adult CHoir

Make a Joyful Noise

They say that “music calms the savage beast,” “music touches the soul,” and “music moves our emotions.” Music is a very important component when it comes to church attendance. At Jefferson UMC we are doing our best to make a joyful noise. The choir sings every Sunday and rehearses once a week on Thursday evenings…


Welcome to Jefferson United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas.

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