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Fix Your Eyes on God

Have you or someone you know; been bitten by mosquito or fire ants? Well there’s a story about a little guy that was averaging thirty Band-Aids per night. What started as a few mosquito bites blossomed into a full-blown pick-fest within weeks As more bites came, the old ones would never heal, because the little…


Donations Needed for Texas Border Crisis

Update July 17th, 2014 A pastoral letter addressed to the United Methodists of Texas by Bishops that oversee the border regions. Original Post June 28th, 2014 More than 52,000 immigrant children have arrived along the U.S. – Mexican border since the fall of 2013.   Nearly 90,000 are expected to cross the border this year. Many…


The United Methodist Handbook Online

United Methodist Communications (UMCOM) has released a great resource for newcomers and even individuals who have been with the Church since their youth. This handbook is a great summary and resource for the United Methodist Church. It addresses questions and topics such as: United Methodist Teachings Church Denomination Structure & Organization Denominational Initiatives What it…


Why I Sing

Why I Sing by Debbie Austin, JUMC Choir Music has always been a part of my growing up in my parents’ home. I was always singing long before I knew what a note was or if I was singing in key or not. After Shawn and I were married, I felt it was a great…

Fathers Day

Walking by Faith | Word From The Pastor

Wow! Our second grandchild has come. After raising four sons, we have two daughters-in law, one granddaughter, and now a grandson. I recently uploaded some family pictures from about 12 years ago and can see the changes in my family and in me – at least on the outside. But, I asked the question, have…

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